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GreenTechGrid: Microgrids for billionaires and otherwise, technology rundown

2014.02.08 04:37 dredmorbius GreenTechGrid: Microgrids for billionaires and otherwise, technology rundown

GreenTechGrid's "Billionaire Island Owners Install Microgrisds" combines a breezy "life of the rich and famous" lede with a rundown of some recent technology developments.

Microgrid Tech

A microgrid is a self-contained system of power generation (typically diesel generators or small-scale turbines), along with distribution and load. Adding non-spinning renewable sources such as wind and solar or storage adds a level of complexity to the system, but microgrids are seen as a natural fit for islands....
Several specific projects are mentioned:
On the subject of billionaire island-owners with microgrids, [Oracle CEO] Larry Ellison's Hawaiian island, Lanai (population 3,000), will soon boast a microgrid with design help from University of California San Diego Professor Byron Washom, the Director of Energy Initiatives at the school. UCSD's microgrid generates most of the energy used on campus.
Billionaire [and PayPal cofounder] Peter Thiel's libertarian island's energy needs could also be helped by a microgrid.
... though that second sounds like speculation, not reporting, and the link does little to support the statement.

Related projects and technologies

The list of projects (some with additional links out to other GreenTechGrid stories) is the best part of this item:
  • Primus Power, a developer of flow batteries, is going to deploy an energy storage system for a microgrid at the Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) in Miramar, California. CEO Tom Stepien said that 20 percent of the backup diesel gen-sets at Miramar did not start on the day of the San Diego blackout in 2011. When a military site like MCAS loses power, "Planes are grounded and training missions are canceled. You can't even open the gates."
  • New York governor Andrew Cuomo has put $40 million in prize money behind a push to bolster the state‚Äôs post-Hurricane Sandy storm resilience with community microgrids...
  • In 2012, Connecticut created a statewide microgrid program with $18 million dedicated to fund nine projects. Connecticut is considered the leader in the region in terms of microgrid support, although other governments are putting funds behind emergency backup power and community energy sufficiency.
  • New Jersey is partnering with the DOE on a $1 million study aimed at supplying microgrid capabilities for New Jersey Transit.
  • New York City is studying a microgrid project for the Rockaway Peninsula...
  • [Swiss grid giant] ABB's grid stabilizing generator combines the inertial properties of a flywheel, the power management functions of advanced inverters, and software to make it all work together....
  • Danish utility Dong Energy has "Grani", an island showcase for its Power Hub technology in the Faroe Islands, a North Atlantic archipelago ... balancing ... wind power with pumped hydro storage ... [across two variable loads:] heat pumps ... and ... cold-storage facilities...
  • ABB and Schneider are collaborating on the Swedish island of Gotland to combine wind and solar power, grid control systems and advanced load management.

Related: US DoD Microgrids

I've also seen some references to microgrids deployed by the US DoD in miltary bases and forward operating bases (FoBs) to be able to combine renewable (mostly solar) and generator power more efficiently. Probably from NPR. Hrm ... Not quite what I had in mind but: Desert Military Bases Could Be Boon To Solar.
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